2021 Membership

Club membership for 2021 is now available and can be completed on Triathlon Ireland – We hope you will join us for 2021 and we are eager to get racing/training as soon as it’s safe to do so – In the meantime the committee is constantly looking for new offerings/ways to run sessions and planning for as soon as we can get back to in-person training. If you have any issues with renewal on the Triathlon Ireland website let us know and we will help

The success of Galway Triathlon Club relies on our membership and the fees we receive, which in turn allow us to pay for things like run coaches, track rental, zoom licenses, turbo coaches, kayaks, etc – Without this income, we are unable to offer these benefits to our members. 2020 was a very challenging year for some and 2021 is starting in the same way for many. We offer different membership types such as adult (€60) and student/ unemployed/retired (€30). Members can avail of the student/unemployed membership offer if they feel that suits their current circumstances

A license from Triathlon Ireland is a mandatory requirement as this offers insurance that covers you while racing (when we race) and training. As a Triathlon Ireland affiliated club, we are required to make sure that all members hold a valid license before allowing them to participate in club training. Triathlon Ireland offers multiple license options such as Full License (€65) and Club Training Licenses (€22). It is important to note that the Club Training License only offers you the TI insurance when you are participating in an official club session – The Full License offers you insurance while training with the club and when training alone. More information about the license types from TI can be found here.

If you have any concerns/questions/ideas that you would like to raise to the committee, or for us to raise on your behalf to Triathlon Ireland, we are happy to listen and you can email chair@galwaytri.ie.

Of course, we always welcome new members too, and please contact us  if you have any questions about joining and we will host our beginners event as soon as restrictions allow

We look forward to welcoming you back –
Yours in Sport, GTC Committee