Winter Swim Block

The next block of swimming (November-December) will go on sale Thursday, 28th October at 10am for GTC Members

Sessions will start Monday 1st November for 7 weeks at a cost of €70 for Ocean Fitness, €63 for NUIG, €56 for Renmore (1 week will be without a coach but the set will be provided) – Lane rental price has increased at Ocean Fitness and this is the reason for the higher price compared to Renmore / NUIG

Booking can be made via the GTC Memberzone by selecting “Make A Booking” -> “Swim Block” and selecting the appropriate session

  • As numbers allowed per lane are still limited due to Covid restrictions we had to increase the prices slightly to get closer to covering costs. We will decrease prices for future blocks as numbers allow
  • The timetable will remain the same as the Sep/Oct block (details below). Please choose a session suitable to you based on your 100m time and stamina. If you do not choose the right session for you, you will be moved to a different session (if space) or refunded. This is so you and your fellow swimmers get the most out of each session
  • There will be no limit to how many sessions members can purchase so be sure to do so early so you don’t miss out on your preferred session (If you miss out please email know and we will add you to a waitlist)
  • Due to COVID-19 admin and contact tracing requirements, as well as to ensure consistency at sessions, swimmers will not be able to swap/give sessions to another member
  • Please check your emails in advance of each session in case of any important updates
  • We have taken every suitable session available to us in Galway, if more become available at suitable times for members and coaches we will add. This depends on other clubs dropping their sessions
  • We have an option of a 7 am Wednesday session in Renmore Kingfisher with Jonathan, email with your level if you would be interested in this. If we get sufficient numbers we will run the session
  • Swimmers must follow all restrictions in place at individual pools and the Triathlon Ireland COVID-19 guidelines
  • Monday 7am-8am (morning) – Ocean Fitness – Improvers – Coach Robert
  • Tuesday 7am-8am (morning) – Ocean Fitness – Intermediate – Coach Patrick
  • Wednesday 7am-8am (morning) – Ocean Fitness – Advanced – Coach Patrick
  • Wednesday 7.30pm-7.30pm (evening) – NUIG – Intermediate – Coach Robert
  • Friday 6am-7am (morning) – Ocean Fitness – Advanced – Coach Brendan
  • Friday 7am-8am (morning) – Ocean Fitness – Advanced – Coach Brendan
  • Friday 7am-8am (morning) – Renmore Kingfisher – Intermediate – Coach Jonathan
  • Sunday 6pm-7pm (evening) – Ocean Fitness – Improvers – Coach Patrick
  • Sunday 7pm-8pm (evening) – Ocean Fitness – Intermediate – Coach Patrick
  • 100m time without rest: 2mins/2.05
  • For swimmers who require a lot of stroke correction and enjoy a little more rest
  • Not speed or endurance focussed
  • Suitable for previous level 2 swimmers or slower swimmers from the level 2+/3 sea swims
  • 100m time without rest: 1.50/1.55
  • Sessions will generally cover 1.5k+
  • Suitable for previous level 3 swimmers or slower level 4 swimmers
  • 100m time without rest: 1.40/1.45
  • Sessions will generally cover 2k+
  • Suitable for previous level 4 swimmers or faster level 3 swimmers

ALL sessions, regardless of level, will include technique.


All the best,

GTC Swim Officer