Membership Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions/suggestions from the 2020 survey member survey:

“Can we pleeeeeeease have more pool sessions?”

Pool availability at suitable times is severely limited given the number of swim clubs in Galway. We’re frequently in contact with pools and book new slots depending on member demand and coach availability. We need a minimum amount of swimmers to break even on sessions so members need to be flexible to help make these happen. We hope to be able to have more slots per session once restrictions allow.

“I don’t count my swims in hundreds of meters – it would be good to have more swimming focused on less able swimmers.”

We offer two improvers pool sessions which cater for swimmers who need more stroke correction and like a bit more rest. As a triathlon club, our primary focus is facilitating members wishing to take part in events involving a minimum of 250m  open water swim distance. Swimmers must have basic swimming ability to take part in club swim sessions. If you need more fundamental swim lessons please reach out to if you would like recommendations for coaches offering private lessons.

“Surely you can run sea swims later in the year but at an earlier time, why do they have to end in September?”

After mid-September, we lose daylight earlier and earlier. In order for swimmers to be back safely and also get a decent swim in, they would need to be in the water well before 6 pm. Most members (swimmers and volunteers) would not have sufficient time to get to Salthill after work and we need a minimum amount of both each week to make these sessions worthwhile to run. We organize training swims for triathletes, short dips would not justify the admin/volunteers required to run a sea session. The meet&train WhatsApp group was set up to help encourage members to swim together outside scheduled training sessions.

“Everyone is mad into this wild swimming craic – why don’t GTC support people sea swimming during the winter?”

As a triathlon club, we facilitate athletes taking part in open water races from May to September. We do not have the experience or expertise to support winter open water swimming. TI safety guidelines stipulate that swim training can only take place when sea temperatures are above 11 degrees and distances allowed are limited once sea temps go below 13 degrees. Please also consider how difficult the colder air temperatures in winter would be for our wonderful kayak volunteers! We organize training swims for triathletes, short dips would not justify the admin/volunteers required to run a sea session. The meet&train WhatsApp group was set up to help get help to encourage members to swim together outside scheduled training sessions. Our friends in the Atlantic Masters Swimming Club Galway are running Sunday morning charity Turkey Swims until Xmas at 3 locations. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

“Pleeease can we have more group spins?”

We would love to have this too and have tried on various occasions in the past to get it going. While committee members will help get these up and running, members need to be flexible with times, enthusiastic, committed, and willing to continue group spins independently in order for regular spins to be a success!

“Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t”

Unfortunately, some mail servers do not like our emailing tool and like to squirrel away our emails into random subfolders. The newsletter is scheduled to come out EVERY Friday morning and is emailed to all members. If you don’t see it then search for emails for – we promise it will be there! It’s no harm to periodically do this search, especially during the season, in case you don’t catch other club emails.

“They are a bit too long” “I’d  like a bit more detail” “Sometimes I don’t know what you’re on about”

It’s been suggested to have both less and more detail in the newsletter! Given the mix of experience and abilities in the club, we will continue to balance the need to include information with how readily available it is from other sources online. Members can always scroll past items they are not interested in reading. Reach out to us if you require additional information on any item.

“More morning training options, or some daytime sessions – training times just don’t suit me, don’t forget about the East side!”

We cannot run the training without sufficient demand and commitment from members, availability of volunteers and/or coaches and access to suitable facilities. Members who are flexible to attend the already established training sessions and those run at suitable times for the majority of GTC members will get the most out of the club. Meet & train groups were set up to facilitate members’ meetings outside of regular training times. However, members need to be proactive in these groups to get the most benefit.

“A club triathlon based in Galway/Connemara would be unreal!”

It is our aim to run a club triathlon in 2022 – Stay tuned for more information!